Cleeng launches all new checkout and user account toolkit

Cleeng | Tue Nov 10 2020

AMSTERDAM, NL - Cleeng, the global leader of Subscriber Retention Management™ has released a brand new Mediastore Software Development Kit (SDK).

  • Cleeng has launched Mediastore SDK, an optimised conversion toolkit
  • Key features: customisable checkout, user account hub, viewer support
  • Product has been adopted by broadcaster ManoramaMax & software company Oxagile.

The new product was developed with the aim of offering subscription businesses a best practice checkout that optimizes conversion rates, enhances the user experience and is totally secure and GDPR compliant. Furthermore, the company has also prioritised ease of integration, making it the perfect tool for front-end developers, system integrators, and OTT service providers. 

Some key functions of the new MediaStore SDK are its highly secure, customisable checkout, the refreshed user account hub with an optimised cancellation survey, and the 24/7 viewer support access.

The first clients to implement the new update were two digital media streaming companies: BroadwayHD and Topic. Cleeng’s Senior Frontend Developer had this to say regarding the latest product release: "The main value of MediaStore SDK is the consistent look and feel of the end-to-end user journey, which brings the user experience to the next level. It’s also easy to implement and customize with a friendly framework."

About Cleeng

Cleeng is the Subscriber Retention Management (SRM™) company. The company firmly believes that retention management is critical in times when the subscription economy is booming and competition is intense. Cleeng’s tech stack is deeply connected with the full subscriber journey and helps media companies with its identity management, payment, churn intelligence and customer care capabilities.

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