Cleeng celebrates 10 year anniversary

Cleeng | Wed Feb 17 2021

AMSTERDAM, NL - Cleeng, the global leader of Subscriber Retention Management™ announces the celebration of their 10 year anniversary.

  • Cleeng celebrates its first decade this month.
  • Cleeng CEO reflects on key company changes and top learnings.

After one decade in the B2B SaaS industry, Cleeng’s CEO and co-founder, Gilles Domartini speaks about the exciting evolution that the company has experienced, “We started out first with a general focus on content monetisation, covering press paywall, pdf document protection and videos... We made our most critical pivot in 2018 by re-inventing Cleeng into an OTT subscription model and coining the term Subscriber Retention Management™ (SRM).”

Domartini also shared some key learnings that have come about from the past 10 years, “To all to-be entrepreneurs, do find a recurring business model”, adding that "If you do create a simple yet focused solution, and manage to adapt without creating clutter, you will succeed with your online business."

About Cleeng

Cleeng is the Subscriber Retention Management (SRM™) company. The company firmly believes that retention management is critical in times when the subscription economy is booming and competition is intense. Cleeng’s tech stack is deeply connected with the full subscriber journey and helps media companies with its identity management, payment, churn intelligence and customer care capabilities.

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