Cleeng adds subscriber segmentation to their ChurnIQ analytics product

Cleeng | Mon Feb 01 2021

AMSTERDAM, NL - Cleeng, the global leader of Subscriber Retention Management™ has announced the launch of their latest analytics feature, ChurnIQ Segments.

  • Cleeng has launched ChurnIQ Segments, a subscriber segmentation tool.
  • The new feature is integrated with Zapier to support direct links to marketing platforms.
  • Key functions: automated segment workflows and long-term subscriber analytics. 

The segmentation product allows OTT subscription services to convert subscriber datasets into targeted, automated messaging and hence build more powerful marketing engines. 

The new ChurnIQ feature also comes with an integration with web application integration specialist Zapier. This means clients can automatically trigger customer messaging actions in hundreds of email and campaign tools. 

One key function of the new product is segment action automation, with automated links from pre-built segments to marketing platforms. A second top function is the possibility of tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through subscriber analytics. 

Another notable benefit of ChurnIQ Segments is that it includes a catalogue of predefined relevant segments, as well as an OTT segment strategy guide.

About Cleeng

Cleeng is the Subscriber Retention Management (SRM™) company. The company firmly believes that retention management is critical in times when the subscription economy is booming and competition is intense. Cleeng’s tech stack is deeply connected with the full subscriber journey and helps media companies with its identity management, payment, churn intelligence and customer care capabilities.

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